Monday, 22 August 2016

The life of the sloth

The life of the sloth
By Jemma Renwick

Hand ready. Feet ready. As I step over slowly looking up at the rope,I leap so high I feel I was flying.

As I grip to the big, long, skinny rope, I feel the sweat coming out of my body all ready. The rope shining brightly in the sun. As my heart started to pound, I can feel all the butterflies in my tummy flying around. But I am still standing high. My fluffy fur waving in the wind. I feel a big, bright light shining on me. Now I feel I can do anything.

My paws are about to slip down but I keep on going. I spin. I jump higher and higher every time. Moving my body to the rope still gripping and I flick my body in the air. As I am in the air I feel everyone in the jungle is watching. All I see  is everyone staring at me. I have to do this right. I flip. BANG. I land. When I land I can feel the dirt in my paws.

As I am slowly walk off, I feel so proud of myself. My dream has come true, I won my first gold medal in the Olympics.

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