Monday, 22 August 2016

The life of the sloth

The life of the sloth
By Jemma Renwick

Hand ready. Feet ready. As I step over slowly looking up at the rope,I leap so high I feel I was flying.

As I grip to the big, long, skinny rope, I feel the sweat coming out of my body all ready. The rope shining brightly in the sun. As my heart started to pound, I can feel all the butterflies in my tummy flying around. But I am still standing high. My fluffy fur waving in the wind. I feel a big, bright light shining on me. Now I feel I can do anything.

My paws are about to slip down but I keep on going. I spin. I jump higher and higher every time. Moving my body to the rope still gripping and I flick my body in the air. As I am in the air I feel everyone in the jungle is watching. All I see  is everyone staring at me. I have to do this right. I flip. BANG. I land. When I land I can feel the dirt in my paws.

As I am slowly walk off, I feel so proud of myself. My dream has come true, I won my first gold medal in the Olympics.

Sunday, 24 July 2016


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My polyhedron is a called a cube. It is made by straws and playdough. It has 12 sides, 8 corners and 6 faces.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Gorge walk

I did a Inquiry on the Manawatu Gorge walk with my friend Taylor.We used a box

My Bedroom

My bedroom
Comfy soft bed clings to the floor as my legs hang off.
Broken sunglasses shining in the light in the hot room.
Circle netball rolling around my feet.
Soft toy waiting for someone the cuddle them.
Ripped paper, broken toys, lolly wrappers and
Chocolate crumbs trying to get out of the horrible Missy floor.
The pink hat is hot in the room lying there.
Yellow light is brightening up the room.
Spilt water lies in the middle the room.
Cricks door slams in the wind.

By Jemma